Our discord server uses a custom built powerful bot called Elite Bot. Elite Bot is running 24/7 with active updates and support for new modules. It offers music support, moderation & fun commands, a unique XP System and much more!

We created elite bot to increase security and to create entertainment and fun at the same time as keeping it friendly and safe. The bot was created near a year ago and is constantly being upated with new features and bug fixes whenever any are reported. These can be seen on our main discord in the elite bot updates channel!

“Below you can find all of my commands from within Elite Gaming discord server! Some are restricted to a certain role with the moderation commands being left out.”

Elite Bot - Elite Bot x Elite Gaming

Fun Commands

8ball: Ask the 8ball a question to get an answer!

avatar: You can search another members profile pic!

flip: Flips a coin, landing on either Heads or Tails

compliment: Compliments the person using the command!

roll: Rolls a six sided dice

nuggets: Everyone loves nuggets!

profilepic: Shows your own profile picture!

psychopass: Bot checks members crime coefficient

rps: Play rock, paper, scissors with the bot!

slots: Use this to play the slots!

Music Commands

join: Joins the voice channel you're in

leave: Leaves the voice channel

play (URL/NAME): Plays song selected

search (Song): Searches YouTube for a song

skip: Skips a song

stop: Completely stops music and queue

volume (1-100%): Set volume of the music

np: Check what's playing now

queue: Check the queued music list

pause: Pause the music

resume (or !unpause): Unpause the music

XP Commands

level (or rank): Shows your current Level and details

addxp : Limited for staff to award xp

subtractxp: Limited to staff also to take away xp

Utility Commands

accept: Gives access to all servers after reading rules!

boost: Boost Message for nitro boosters only!

info: Info guide to new members of Elite Gaming!

report: Report someone for an offence!

roles: Lets you to select your own roles!

suggest: Add a suggestion for the server!

serverinof: Gives information about the server