Discord Server

We are a growing gaming community. Our goal is to unite gamers together in a safe and fun environment! We offer a wide range of selection between roles, events, giveaways, emotes and much more!

Elite Bot

Our discord server uses a custom built powerful bot called Elite Bot. Elite Bot is running 24/7 with active updates and support for new modules. It offers music support, moderation & fun commands, a unique XP System and much more!

Five M

Our roleplay server Elite Gaming RP offers over 200+ add on cars and peds, with custom scripts that make rp so much more realistic and fun! We have custom made vehicles and skins!

We Are A Gaming
Community Focused on Expanding and Evolving

At Elite Gaming we take rules serious. Our staff are active and well trained to solve issues or disputes.

Our community is helpful, non-toxic and very active when it comes to any type of gaming regardless of who it's with.

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We Serve All Members

We stay on top by keeping a safe and sensible environment for each and every member!







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Our Server

We are a gaming community based on discord

Elite Bot

We use a custom made bot on discord called Elite Bot which features custom commands, music module, XP System and much more!

Five M

Our Five M server has been undergoing development for over a year. We are a roleplay server which has custom scripts, tons of vehicles, custom buildings and more!


We've recently created our own minecraft server! We have multiple fun gamemods with new working scripts, special effects and a brand new shop!

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There are many ways you can contact us. You can join our discord server or privately DM us!

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Latest News

We are a growing gaming community based in the UK using discord

New Minecraft Server!

Our latest addition is our Elite Gaming MC minecraft server. It's currently being in the works and being upgraded.

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Our FAQ will answer the most common questions you may have! It can be found on our discord server or by Learning More.

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Device Friendly Update!

We've recently upgraded our website to allow for multi-device compatibility no matter if you're on phone, tablet or PC.

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